Thursday, February 23, 2012

Providing Security--- for Both War and Peace

CEO Stephanie Point
     Stephanie Point,  CEO of Point 2 Point Global Security, (P2P) prides herself on her highly trained teams who  provide  customized  security services to protect people and assets for both private companies and government agencies.  Among the several government agencies she serves is the Department of Homeland Security. During 2008-09, for example,  P2P completed 189 flights transporting  high level felons back to their home countries in South America.  Each flight, for which P2P contracted  737 jets including flight staff and pilots, required 14 security officers and one manager. Once the DHS deposited detainees at a given airport for departure, a P2P security team met them to process their paperwork; it also took custody of the detainees  for the duration of their travel; upon arrival in their  destination cities, P2P released the detainees into the custody of local  authorities.