About Me

My career began as a business journalist for Fortune and Money magazines; as a freelancer, my articles have been published in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Boardroom Reports and Venture, among others. As a sideline, I also taught business communications and advanced writing workshops for several years at New York University and The New School where I designed its first online course in business communications. My stints as an entrepreneur include starting an art gallery and launching a women's health newsletter; Later I founded Ah Global Communications which offers communications consulting to such corporate clients as Ernst and Young, Citigroup and Barnes and Noble.

In 2006 I stepped sideways to become founding director of Henry Hudson 400 New York, a project to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the historic arrival of Henry Hudson in New York with several major events, such as an international water congress. When that project ended in 2009, I returned to my first love, to help people realize their dreams, by becoming a managing director of Golden Seeds, an angel investing group that supports women entrepreneurs. Soon after, I launched my bimonthly blog on Huffington Post to share the stories and hurdles of women starter uppers. I also blog for Forbes on women entrepreneurs. Now with this new blog, wStartup.com, the plan is to broaden the mission to become a go-to resource for all of you. 
Angela Haines